Center for Creative Leadership

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February 14, 2013


The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) is an internationally-renowned leadership training and research organization with US offices in Greensboro, NC; Colorado Springs, CO; San Diego, CA and international campus facilities in Brussels, Belgium and Singapore, Malaysia. They consistently rank in the top 10 in international leadership development and have been at the forefront of leadership and organizational thinking for over 40 years.

Having spent my postdoctoral year within CCL focusing on organizational dynamics and psychology, I can attest to both the breadth and depth of resources and expertise available and am, in part, a product of what I have learned there through participation in their programs and as a member of research teams in individual and organizational leadership development.

Two areas in which I was able to spend significant time included organization culture development (in which one of the research projects I worked on led to the wonderful text by John McGuire and Gary Rhodes, Transforming Your Leadership Culture) and group/team/organizational coaching. Part of this experience allowed me to spend time coaching a Fortune 500 senior team as well as to continued senior executive coaching work as an adjunct staff member. I am honored and privileged to continue to serve CCL as a member of the senior faculty in executive and team coaching, leadership training, and research and consider many of their faculty to be dear colleagues.

Much of the foundation of my own leadership development construct is based on CCL’s models, but are also influenced in my own training and experience working in organizations.