Decision Science and Management Life

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May 12, 2013

Decision Science and Management Life

Clients need information to make decisions. The successful organization focuses on blending outstanding leadership with strong financially based decision processes in order to achieve the strategies that support the organization’s vision.

Management thinking guru, Russell Ackoff, stated:

“If you want to shift the direction of an organization, shift the way decisions are made.”

This is such a powerful observation because gets to the heart of systems responses that govern day-to-day behaviors in the people that matter most: employees. Ackoff states: Explanations always lie outside the system, never inside; the analysis takes you into the system, how it works, but does not provide understanding.

We need another way of thinking (synthesis). Synthetic thinking is the opposite of analysis. To understand what we have, we must understand the whole as well as the parts (taken separately and together) so that we can see how the parts and whole affect the role or function of what we’re trying to explain (or what the organization is trying to do, such as living its mission/purpose, living its values/principles, or living towards its future/vision. When asked what he would do to save the world in one hour, Einstein said he would spend 59 minutes understanding the problem and one minute implementing the solution. Does this do anything for you?

Leadership drives the organization’s culture, its shared beliefs of what it is and how it operates. With help, leaders can recognize opportunities to better understand and adapt their cultures to help drive their organizations toward their vision.

Now that all sounds nice and neat, however, management life is not nearly so. I know leaders regularly make thoughtful decisions. They also make them by the seat of their pants. I know; I’ve done it myself for years. I do it less now.

Give yourself or your organization the gift of getting focused. Take the opportunity to reorganize yourself and execute your strategy. You know how already, you just might need a bit of personal help.