The Leadership Trust Indicator™ and Team Trust Indicator™ Assessments

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November 9, 2015

LTI and TTI Cover

Trust is Everything

I’ve created the Leadership Trust Indicator™ and Team Trust Indicator™ as tools that help leaders understand and influence individual relationships, improve team dynamics, and shape cultures toward more effective outcomes. When leaders take charge of how they deal with trust in everyday personal interactions, inside or outside the workplace, they gain control over a powerful tool for moving their initiatives forward, for enhancing their collaborative efforts, and for improving execution across their organizations.

The Leadership Trust Indicator™ and Team Trust Indicator™ assessments and Interpretive User’s Guide address the following topics:

  • Your General Outlook on Trust
  • Diagnosing Trust in Teams and Organizations
  • Making Trust Discussion Practical
  • Individual Exercises and Team Debrief Suggestions
  • Trust Terms, References and Recommended Readings on Trust

Use the Leadership Trust Indicator™ to assess your general disposition around trust. Read the supplemental material in the Interpretive User’s Guide to learn more about what this means for you and some approaches to consider in looking at how trust issues affect you as a leader.

Use the Team Trust Indicator™ with your current work team or a department or unit within your organization to examine the trust issues that exist to help move your collaborative work forward or for behaviors and practices that are getting in the way of effective working relationships. Read the supplemental material and sample debrief questions for using the Team Trust Indicator™ with your team.

Finally, look over the trust terms for leaders, references and recommended reading to learn more about trust. We believe that the more you learn to talk about trust issues openly and with laser accuracy, the more likely you are to deal with the root causes of barriers to collaboration while upholding the valuable contributions that individuals and teams produce.

The LTI and TTI assessments may not be sold by to a client independently but must be professionally facilitated by a certified user, typically as materials supporting a leadership development initiative. They are simple self-score assessments designed to be completed quickly in the classroom. The LTI and TTI also work in conjunction with my upcoming book on Leadership Trust (see subsequent posting).

We’ve used the LTI and TTI now in the US and abroad and are finding that leaders are making an immediate connection to their trust challenges and being better able to raise and resolve trust concerns in the workplace.


BE BETTER NOW – A Leadership Call to Action – Take a moment right now to put your thoughts into action

  1. What is ONE ASPECT of your professional life that might benefit from more or different attention in this subject area (enhancing the impact you make on others)?
  1. What is ONE THING you could do TODAY that would move you more deliberately in this direction? The Behavior or action I could take (verb); I will…
  1. HOW will you ensure you are developing – WITH WHOM can you share this goal or add to your brain trust to hold yourself accountable?
  1. MAKE a 10 minute calendar appointment right now to check in with yourself on this topic next week (better yet – for each following week). Keep it practical – write brief notes on two questions only:
  • What clear steps did I take last week for my own development?
  • What will I focus on executing next week?

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Practical – Relevant – Immediately Useful